broken collarbone

Daddy’s Little Peppa Has a Broken Collar Bone

My daughter, E, sustained her most major injury thus far, a broken collar bone.

How did she do it?  By twirling like a princess, and tripping over her feet and landing on her shoulder hard against the hard part of the sofa, and not the soft cushion pillows.  Broken collar bones are one of the most common injuries among children and is due to great stress on the shoulder and clavicle typically occurs when falling on the shoulder.


This is actually a very good analog to E’s injury as she broke her right collarbone in the same spot.

Most collarbone fractures will heal on their own if the arm is properly immobilized in a sling and the injury is treated with ice and physical therapy. Sometimes, however, if the collarbone is significantly displaced or the break is particularly severe, surgery may be needed to realign the bone, with screws and plates inserted to hold the collarbone in place as it heals.


If your child has a broken collarbone, he or she will be in pain in the affected area and will be limiting the movement of that arm.  Other symptoms include:

  • swelling, tenderness, and bruising along the broken bone
  • increased pain when moving shoulder or arm
  • feeling a grinding or crackling sensation
  • broken bone can show a bump above the break or even penetrate the skin.
  • slumping or sagging of your child’s shoulder down and forward


  • To diagnose a broken collarbone, a doctor will ask you how the injury occurred and what symptoms your child has. The doctor will examine your child’s shoulder and may press gently on the collarbone to see if it is tender, determine where the fracture is, and make sure no nerves or blood vessels are damaged. To check for nerve damage, the doctor might check the feeling and strength in your child’s arm, hand, and fingers.If a broken collarbone seems likely, the doctor will order X-rays of the shoulder and the affected area to pinpoint the location of the break and evaluate its severity. X-rays also show if any other bones are broken. In some cases, if other bones are broken or if the doctor needs to see the fracture in greater detail, a CT scan will be performed.


  • Because they happen suddenly and unexpectedly, collarbone fractures can be hard to prevent, but a few precautions can help kids decrease their risk:
    • Teach your kids the right way to play, this decreases the chance of awkward and unexpected falling scenarios.
    • Ensure they are wearing proper and recommended protective gear for their sport.
    • Keep bones strong with calcium and vitamin D rich foods such as milk, cheese, and yogurt.
    • Encourage stretching and strength training.  Muscles help support bones.
    • Teach your kids to take steps to prevent falls. Make sure your kids wear proper and supportive footwear, teach them to use handrails when coming down stairs, and keep a well lit environment for them.


Treatment for a collarbone fracture depends upon the type of fracture and how severe it is. Most fractures can be treated with simple comfort measures until they heal.

But more complicated fractures where there are bone fragments or where the bone is broken into several pieces may require surgery to ensure proper healing. If the broken bone pierces the skin, it requires immediate, aggressive treatment to reduce the risk of an infection.

For fractures where the bone fragments stay aligned, these treatments are recommended:

  • Ice.  For pain and swelling, apply ice packs to the affected area for the first 2-3 days after the injury.
  • Arm support.  Immobilize the arm by using a sling or wrap.  This helps alleviate the pain and kep the bone in place as it heals.
  • Medication. Often, ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help your child manage pain.  Always talk to your doctor before taking  medication.
  • Physical therapy.  While the arm is immobilized, your child will most likely lose muscle strength and range of motion.  The doctor may recommend a physical therapy program to help rebuild this strength and flexibility.

For younger children, healing time can be as fast as 3-4 weeks.  During this time, your child should take it easy to reduce the risk of reinjuring the bone. After that, follow up with the doctor about when your child can resume normal activities.


Peppa Pig Birthday Party Venue Ideas

Although Peppa Pig has been in existence for more than 10 years. I feel it’s only been gaining large traction here in the USA lately. With the large amount of viewers that watch Peppa Pig on Nick Jr, and moms and dads that want to keep their kids happy, it’s only natural that Peppa Pig birthday parties are now a thing in the states and will continue to be a thing for years to come. I am one of those dads and my sweet daughter E is turning 3 at the end of May so this makes it my personal journey (and journal) on how to have a Peppa Pig Birthday Party. I invite you to share with me your perspective on Peppa Pig birthday party planning.

This blog post will be about venue selection. For our Peppa Pig theme birthday party, we need to take a step back and absorb the Peppa Pig World and all that it entails. It’s not just a cartoon you know. There actually is a Peppa Pig World, it is part of Paultons Family Theme Park located on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. Think of it as a Six Flags Over Texas for Peppa and family.

Peppa Pig World is a great place to start our journey into venue selection. How does Peppa Pig World have anything to do with venue selection do you ask? I say take little bits and pieces of Peppa Pig World and incorporate them into your very own Peppa Pig Themed birthday party for your youngster. I think incorporating 3 or 4 ideas from what we find below will give you enough ideas for your little one’s party.

These are the sections of the park and corresponding ideas for venues based on the section (Disclaimer: this is not the complete list, only a list whereby I had venue ideas)
Miss Rabbit’s Ice Cream Parlor:

* Rent out a small ice cream parlor and rename it Miss Rabbit’s Ice Cream Parlor.
* Make ice cream cone sleeves that shows Miss Rabbit’s Ice Cream Parlor logo.
* Ice cream based party!

Daddy Pig’s Car Ride:

* If your little one is into cars, this may be the clear winner! Get access to a good-sized parking lot and set up some traffic cones. Tell the other parents to bring their children’s ride-in cars and they can race around the world you create to their hearts’ content. You could set up different stopping stations for food, beverages, and games (but more on those later)

Grandpa Pig’s Little Train:

* I rode on a train (one of those small ones, not a “real” train) down in Austin, Texas, at a park. If I could find one up here in the Dallas area, then the park could possibly be a party venue where the main attraction would be the train ride. E was just 9 months at the time she rode this train, she started squirming about halfway through, but no doubt in my mind she would have a blast riding on a train now.

Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride

* Balloon’s made me think of balls. One of E’s favorite places to go is Jump Street, they host countless amounts of birthday parties there and the parents can decorate the party rooms to match the Peppa Pig birthday theme. Jump Street is good for toddlers and bigger kids (all the way to adults actually) as they have different bouncing/jumping activities for all ages. Trampolines, bounce houses, basketball slam dunk, and even a mechanical bull.

Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight

* In my 30+ years on this earth, I have NEVER once set foot in a Chuck E Cheese’s I’m not bragging, but just stating a fact. Thinking about Miss Rabbi’s Helicopter flight, I don’t see a smaller version of that anywhere else except at a Chuck E Cheese’s or perhaps Gatti Town. I’ve been to Gatti Town and think it may cater better to kids around 6 or older. Are you a Chuck E Cheese Fan? Would you consider doing a birthday party there? Pros? Cons? I’d love to hear about it.

Candy Cat’s Games Kiosk

* Kind of similar thoughts as Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, and I think would be better suited for young middle schoolers and older. My daddy brain is not yet there with E only turning 3. She’s not into games yet, but more of soaking each environment for what it is.

George’s Spaceship Play Zone

* Another thought for a venue would be your own house. There’s a countless number of ways you can turn your house into a version of Peppa Pig’s World. In my version, I rent a space-ship themed bounce house and keep it in the back yard, and call it George’s Spaceship Play Zone. Best part about this? Your kids will be napping on the drive home.

Madame Gazelle’s School House

* Do kids still celebrate their birthdays at school? Sorry, again, my daughter is not yet of that age, and frankly, I just don’t know if this is still a common thing these days. When I was younger (elementary school age), my mom would come with boxes of Twinkies for everyone to celebrate my birthday. It was the only time of the year, I would be semi-embarrassed but yet feel special.
* If you are bringing birthday festivities to your little one’s school, you could dress it up like Madame Gazelle’s School House. Warning, this may leave some non-peppa-fan kids thoroughly confused.

Windy Castle

* If you don’t know what Windy Castle is, check out Episode 28 of Season 1 title “Windy Castle”. Doing a Windy Castle venue would mean an indoor and outdoor venue where there are hills, a place the kids can call a castle, and even a telescope where the kids can look to see Grandpa and Grandma Pig’s House. Also there would need to be wind. Get those fans ready. I think it’s doable to do at home.

Muddle Puddles

* If your children are hard-code Peppa Pig fans, then the term “Muddy Puddles” is commonplace. If you’re a parent who likes getting dirty, this could also be the venue for you. Check out a local park that get pretty darn muddy after a rain storm. If rain is not something readily available. Hose it down to create your own mud? Word of caution, I suggest doing the muddy puddles after eating.

And lastly what my wife and I decided. Renting out a local petting zoo called Grisham Farms in McKinney, TX where there’s a playground and picnic area. The staff will be introducing us to farm animals, and yes, they will have the real Peppa Pig Family there for every kid and adult to pet. The venue allows us to decorate, though the place is already naturally decorated. We plan on going pretty minimal in terms of additional decoration (you’ll know more in a future blog post).

We’ve got a lot more ground to cover very soon such as:
peppa pig birthday party invitations
peppa pig birthday cakes
peppa pig goodie bags
peppa pig games and activities
peppa pig decorations
peppa pig food

See ya!

toddler safely swimming

Swimming Safety Tips for Toddlers

Moms and Dads, it’s that time again, summer is once again here and that means lots of swimming time outdoors and fun for your toddlers around the water wherever they can find it.

We’ll need to get in gear and make sure our thinking and caring caps are on, and regard the swimming “safety first” attitude when dealing with the little ones around the pool. Knowing basic water safety tips for toddlers will keep him safe, and will keep everyone happy because of it. Here are a few things to remember when it comes to toddlers and water safety.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Child

There should always be a responsible adult present whenever your children are in or near a swimming pool. If you are at a public pool, ensure the person in charge knows CPR. You, yourself may want to take a refresher course so you can help if there is an emergency at the pool.

Teach Your Kids to Swim

It’s never too early to teach your children to swim. A good start would be to have them take lessons with a trusted instructor. They will learn to understand the basics such as floating and other survival skills in case they really get themselves in deep water (literally and figuratively speaking), and this will be even more useful when they don’t have any flotation devices to use.

A word of caution, on the flotation devices. Continue to keep an eye out even when your kids are using them as they are not foolproof.

Talk About Water Safety

Constant education of water safety to your child is valuable at this time. You’d be surprised how much they really understand by now. Does your child know how to stay safe? Does he know not to run around the pool? Do they know that they need to be watched by a supervising adult at all times? While you might have to remind them from time to time, they will likely remember much of what you say.

Keeping these small tips around the water this summer is very useful and can help everyone out for years to come. Enjoy the season!

Peppa Says:
Check out just some of the summer stuff we have in stock for your little ones. Check them all out here.

Kid Uses Vacuum

Age Appropriate Chores For Kids

Hey Peppa Parents. I want to open up this blog to discuss some parenting topics as well in addition to the cuteness that is Peppa Pig and the toys that we love for our children.

I’m currently in the boat of “How do I get my child to do chores”. I have not a clue on how to start. So doing a little bit of research, I’d like to share with you some things I’ve learned.

Having been raised as the youngest of four siblings and having very disciplined parents, chores have always been a part of my life. You may think that being the youngest I’d be able to get away with way more than the other three. It’s true in some sense, but when it came to chores, I was not spared.

We need to understand that giving a child chores is actually good for them. It makes them feel like a valued member of the family. It teaches them important skills that will serve them as they grow up. Also, it helps us parents too in that they can help offload the burden of everyday duties. Look for things that can be done together, this will help with bonding. For example, while you’re doing the dishes, let them tidy up the kitchen. Engage in conversation that will help nurture your bond.

Here are some age-appropriate suggestions:

Kids in this age group are eager to help. You should give them ample opportunities to help you and reward them for the thought. Of course, their assistance may actually be counterproductive as they tend to leave things messier than started, but at this stage, “cleanliness” is not really what you’re going for. Simple chores like picking up their towy and putting them in a basket, setting the tables (no knives though). You should look for the enthusiasm your kid displays as he does his chores.

Early Elementary:
At this stage, they should be able to help a bit more around the house. Typical chores include keeping their rooms picked up. They can even dust and put their own laundry away. They can help with feeding or grooming of pets. Some kids at this stage may be able to load and unload the dishwasher or do some sweeping around the house.

Preteens / Tweens / Teenagers:
Expand their responsibilities. They should at this point be able to run the entire household. You have to think of what they will be doing once they get to college. They will have to keep their own dorm rooms clean, etc. At this stage, your kids will have the physical strength to do things such as taking the garbage out, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow and other more “dangerous” items. Safety first however! I advise carefully watching them on the first few runs of each chore. Once your kid is old enough to drive, then their driving privileges can be exchanged for errands that he can do himself.

Giving kids age appropriate chores is important for everyone involved. They need to grow up to be self-sufficient adults. There’s nothing worse than a “grown-up” who can’t handle his own. What chores do your kids do?

Real Life Baby Peppa Pig – You’ll LOVE It!

Real Life Peppa Pig

Cute little pigs sleeping.

Hey Parents! Here’s a nice video to share with your kids to show them what cute little pigs do. These little newborn piglets are just taking a quick slumber and let the time pass them by. I’m sure Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig are just right around the corner watching over and protecting them. Thank You to for supplying the video.Click Here to Play the Video

Peppa Pig Pancake

Peppa Pig Pancakes

Watch this! Big props to for showing us all how to draw Peppa Pig pancakes.

Let’s face it moms and dads. We fail our children in one way or another each day. If you’re like me, you fail your child numerous times a day! Of course, we know this because we want to be the best parents that we can. This is not a deep discussion however. Let’s keep things light (and fluffy) with these delicious Peppa Pig pancakes to turn those kiddie frowns upside-down.

In a previous post where I introduced to you Harley Bird, the young lady who plays Peppa Pig’s voice. The topic of breakfast came up where she was asked if she ate bacon. Her answer, “no”. She then added that she loves little pigs and has two of them as pets at home. They are named Peppa and George.

Engagement Needed in Peppa World

It’s officially day two since the launch of my Peppa World called and I’m back to my old ways of not getting any sleep at night constantly working whilst E (daughter) and A (wife) do their typical daily routines. This weekend is a busy one with A working, so my energy is mostly spent on keeping toddler E out of trouble.

Why am I writing this? Because I want readership and engagement on this website to increase. I’m new to this affiliate marketing stuff. I’ve been told (and I’ve read some too) that it does make money. I can’t turn that down especially now that E has been accepted to a prestigious private school that we hope she completes till she goes to college. Also, given that I’m a computer guy, the kind that you know is “really good” with them, I figure this would be a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, affiliate Marketing has nothing to do with computers. What’s more is that it’s got nothing to do with any kind of technical engineering thing; those things I’m good at. So far, I’ve set up this website, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest and am slowly adding content to them. I need some help regarding the quality of it all. Now that my social media channels are up in place, I’ve got a goal to reach 1000 “followers”. Day 1 and I’m roughly at 50 or so.

So far, two things come to mind with raising my follower count. First, create a video snorting contest whereby there are 3 categories, adult men, adult women, and children, winners will get a Peppa Pig Product or an undetermined value. Secondly, create a photo journal of Peppa’s tour around the USA where we’ll seek out fans with a Peppa Pig and pose her in front of different famous landmarks. Would love to get feedback on this.

I will continue to be honest in my thoughts as this site develops, and I look forward to your engagement. The goal of this site is to share the happy experiences of your kids with their Peppa Pig products.

Kid Celebrates Cancer-Free Anniversary with Peppa Pig

Persian Bristoll, a four-year-old-boy was diagnosed with Wilms tumor in his kidney and lungs.  This is a life-threatening  condition which he was diagnosed with since two years of age.

Persian underwent ten months of intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  He also had to have a kidney removed.

With all Persian had undergone, he was elated to have had the opportunity to join other children to meet our lovable Peppa Pig at Northfield Shopping Center.  Peppa even gave him a bug warm hug.

Peppa’s appearance at Northfield was filled with joy as she danced for the children and took time to photograph with each and every one of them.

Persian’s family made an event of the spectacle as they also threw Persian a party the next day to celebrate his one year cancer-free anniversary.

Pete Barber, Northfield Shopping Centre’s manager, said Peppa Pig was a very popular television character so they were expecting a big response.  Sharing the news of Facebook beforehand helped also of course.

“It was lovely to see so many smiling, happy faces.”

“In particular our staff would like to congratulate Persian Bristoll’s family on his landmark achievement of being one year cancer-free.”

“We are delighted they chose to celebrate the day at Northfield Shopping Centre and we wish them all the very best for the future.”